Yoshimitsu Tsunaki

01. Birth
02. 光の歌
03. Ride
04. Rebirth
05. Lily of the Valley
06. Meteor
07. ama oto
08. Gemini
09. Hamon
10. -5℃ piano
11. toki no oto
12. Home
13. Contact
14. Shizuku
Composed & Produced by : Yoshimitsu Tsunaki
Vocal : piana (tr02,07)
Mastered by : KASHIWA Daisuke
Artwork : Maya
Jacket Design : aya404
Photograph : Fumi Fumitsuki




2019年6月12日(水)発売 / Jun 12, 2019 (Wed) Release

品番 / Number::GAGR-005

価格 / price:1,800円

発売元 / Label:guns N' girls Records

流通 / distribution:BRIDGE INC.


JAPAN (1,800円)

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2013年 Squarepusher Remix Competitionで作品のクオリティと独創性をスクエアプッシャー本人に高く評価された、札幌在住のアーティスト「Yoshimitsu Tsunaki」の1stアルバムをリリースします。
新しい始まりを予感させる「Birth」、雄大な世界観をpianaが歌いあげる「光の歌」、白銀の世界を疾走するかのような「Ride」、夏のノスタルジックな夕暮れを思わせる「Lily of the Valley」、そして暗黒からの再生を悲哀と美しいメロディーで表現した表題曲「Rebirth」。
-- プロフィール --
2013年、Squarepusher Remix Competitionに参加。スクエアプッシャーに作品のクオリティと独創性を高く評価され、 Squarepusher Youtubeチャンネルにて本人に紹介される。 同年、1st EP "toki no oto" を自主リリース。
2016年、2nd EP "Contact" を自主リリース。
019年、guns N’ girls Records から 1st Album "Rebirth"をリリース。


"Rebirth" review

As part of the 2013 Squarepusher Remix Competion, the quality and originality of his work was acclaimed by Squarepusher himself, and now we are pleased to release Sapporo artist Yoshimitsu Tsunaki’s first album.
Tsunaki says, “When I make music, it always feels like I’m working with my hands stretched towards somewhere far away.” True to those words, the songs, made during long years of fighting illness, are like seeing one ray of hope in the darkness, and give a feeling of awesome power.
“Birth” evokes a sense of a coming new beginning. “Hikari no Uta” (Song of Light) shows a sublime worldview sung by piana. “Ride” feels like running like the wind through a silver world. “Lily of the Valley” brings memories of nostalgic summer evenings, and the title track “Rebirth” expresses renewal from darkness with grief and a beautiful melody.
A tale of not meeting anyone, with only music to rely on, through daily suffering and isolation, transience and dignity, then finding a way to emotions about being alive bursting with joy, is powerfully expressed through this collection of compositions.
I truly hope that this work titled “Rebirth” will be a start for a new life for him, as well as giving courage to all those who listen to it.
-- Profile --
He was born in 1979 in Sapporo, Hokkaido, and is currently living there.
From the late 1990s, he was a guitarist in a band, while learning programming, and was beginning to compose music.
In 2004 he paused his public music activities due to illness. While recovering, he
continued focusing his studies on creating noise music.
In 2013, he took part in the Squarepusher Remix Competition.
Squarepusher was impressed by the quality and originality of his work, and introduced him on the Squarepusher Youtube channel.
In the same year, he self-released his first EP “toki no oto” (“the sound of time”).
In 2016, he self-released his second EP, “Contact.”
2019 marks the release of his first album, “Rebirth” on guns N’ girls Records.