KASHIWA Daisukeによる、歌モノへの新たなる挑戦!!!
国内外で音のアートとして高い評価を受け、更なる高みを目指すKASHIWA Daisukeが、未来へと繋げる、2年ぶり6枚目となるフルアルバムをついにリリース。

KASHIWA Daisuke’s new challenge to VOCAL music.
KASHIWA Daisuke, acclaimed art musician in Japan and overseas, has finally released new 6th full album.
He obeys his curiosity and challenging spirit on creative process and produces outstanding music for VOCAL.
This is his style of POP music and the message to J-POP industry.

DETAIL : http://guns-and-girls-records.com/page/release/9-songs/