piana Works Collection -Snow Bird/Ephemeral/Remixes-
2003年にリリースされた1stアルバム“Snow Bird”、2005年にリリースされた2ndアルバム“Ephemeral”、それぞれ、世界中で喝采を浴びるも現在廃盤となっている、これら2枚のアルバムをKASHIWA Daisukeがリマスタリング、さらに、world’s end girlfriend、Keiichi Sugimoto、Joseph Nothing、COM.A、KASHIWA Daisuke、5名の著名アーティストによるリミックス曲10曲を収録したアルバムを加えた、計3枚組の豪華なアルバムをリリースします。

SPECIAL SITE : http://www.piana-music.com/pwc/index.html

Piana’s 1st album “snow bird” was released from cubic music and 12K sub-label Happy in 2003.The 2nd album” Ephemeral”was released from Happy in 2005.Both albums got a quite good reputation from the world but has been out of prints for years.We proudly announce that we reissue those two albums with remastered by KASHIWA Daisuke. It contains a disc with 10-remixed-tracks by 5 acclaimed musicians such as world’s end girlfriend, Keiichi Sugimoto, Joseph Nothing, COM. A and KASHIWA Daisuke.Those two albums were originally recorded more than 12years ago.Piana produced from the beginning to the end by herself.She took plenty time to make every details are fine. The albums are full with her personality. So even a slightest sound, you probably notice that music is by her. The gentle, warm and home-made taste sounds are very impressive.
Piana’s music is like a nostalgia that you dreamed in childhood or a fantasy like fairy-tale story. And with her tender melancholy cute singing voice, you may feel primal image every ones on the earth have. The warmness being in mother’s arms.
A comment from Piana
This album is about a little girl in my fantasy.
I describe her lyrical story with growth,her life scenes of many meetings and partings on her emotional points of view, by sounds and songs.
I think this is rare album that acoustic sound and singing voice coexist beautifully.